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How You Can Find A Good Moving Company

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How You Can Find A Good Moving Company

It is no small task to load up your entire household of belongings and move it across town or across the country. When you find yourself in need of a good moving company, it always helps to have some tips which will enable you to find a moving organization that you can trust. These are the kinds of tips that most consumers don't know, which makes them your secret weapons in your search for a good mover.

One of the first kinds of companies you will come across when you are looking for moving services is a moving broker. A broker is someone who will do a quick estimate of your needs and then farm the work out to the lowest bidder. The potential issues in this kind of a situation are obvious, but one of the biggest problems is the lack of accountability on both sides. If something goes wrong, the broker will blame the mover and the mover will blame the broker. You do not want to be the one stuck in the middle of that argument, especially with your belongings on the line.

Before you make your final decision on a company, you should visit their operation to see if they are who they say they are. A sales representative can come to your home and give you an estimate for your move and then tell you anything that you want to hear about the company. To determine whether or not you are being told the truth, you should go to the company's location and see for yourself. If the company is telling the truth, then it should have no problem showing you around.

Whether it is good or bad, a moving company's reputation will precede it. Ask around to the various real estate agents and other professionals in the area to see which company has the best reputation. You should also visit the local Better Business Bureau office to see what kinds of customer complaints exist against an organization. A quick Internet search will let you know if there are any news articles or Internet posts about one of the companies that you are considering.

To make sure that you are getting the best possible deal, you should always conduct business with a moving company face to face. You should have the sales representative see your home so that you can get an accurate estimate. You will also want the representative to bring a copy of the company insurance policy and other important information that you can use when making your decision.

As you visit the location of a company, always check out their trucks to see if they bear the proper markings. There will be state and federal certification numbers on each truck that will indicate that the company is properly certified with the state and federal governments. Write those numbers down and use the appropriate Internet resources to check out the company's driving and vehicle inspection record.

While it may not sound fair to the companies that are just starting out, it is always a good idea to do business with a moving company that has been in business for at least five to seven years. You can check this by getting the company's legal entity name and then contacting your secretary of state office for the articles of incorporation. The articles of incorporation will tell you when the company was started and what its primary business is. If you are talking to a business who has been a moving company for only a couple of years but lists shoe manufacturing as its primary business, then that may be your cue to go looking for another company. You want a company that has years of valuable experience in being an organization that has been responsible for moving other people's valuable belongings.  

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